Hearing 1Prisons of any kind are not for the faint of heart, regardless if you are an inmate, resident, family member, victim, survivor or staff. It takes amazing strength, physical and mental, to simply endure to the next day. Some wonder how they do it. Sadly, some do not.

The Kansas Department of Corrections, not unlike many departments throughout the country, provides the physical and psychological evaluation of the convicted felons. The process of evaluation results in, among other determinations, choosing the appropriate facility for the inmate. The security those in the institution as well as the inmate being evaluated is top-of-mind.

God and/or religion and the part they may play in the inmate’s life become a factor of the psychological evaluation.  As with any of us, the perceived roles are many and varied: punishing, forgiving, gentle, loving, judging, powerful, etc. If God plays a role, that role may very well help determine the depths of remorse, responsibility, guilt, love and even the hope of rehabilitation.

I was privileged to be part of such a team some years ago. Read More Here…


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